FlexSharing Guides

Online, Fast and Easy. No Additional Software Required.

FlexSharing means "Flexible Sharing", it enables you to securely share your screen, files, maps, tasks and calendar in a group or organization over the world wide using a web browser.

  • File Share
    • The web-based file browser manager provides with a Windows-like file browser that you can manage and share your files.
    • New a folder, upload/ download a file, and rename/ delete a file/folder, drag-and-drop a file or folder to move it.
    • By using the Add-to-Archive and Extract feature, standard users are able to upload/ download a folder.
    • Standard users can publish files so that unregistered users are able to download the files without logging in FlexSharing.
  • Screen Share
    • As a presenter, you can publish your primary screen and grant the viewers who can view your shared screen.
    • As a viewer, you can view the shared screen(s).
  • Map Share
    • You can publish your tasks, files, customers, products, and any other entities to Google Map, and securely share them within a particular group of people.
    • Other People and you can search these entites using Geospatial queries, like searching customers within 5 kilometers from a specific location on the Google Map.
    • Click one of entities in the Google Map, you will view or edit its details.
  • Task Management
    • By creating a task, files can be shared within some particular users.
    • You may use the task to manage your tasks, projects, and customers, etc.
  • Calendar Share
    • For a existing task, you can select its participants.
    • When accessing your calendar, all shared task will be shown up on your calendar.
  • System Customization
    • Set up your own company/system name.
    • Upload your logo and configure your own banner color.
    • Configure your own Calendar view.
    • Change the menu names.
  • Scalability and Availability
    • FlexSharing is cloud ready and has full clustering support.
    • Can be easily load balanced for greater fault tolerance and scalability.
  • Multi-language Support
    • International or multi-lingual organizations get out of the box support for the multiple languages.
  • Free Plan and Pay as You Go
    • To get started with Flexsharing, the free plan will be availble for you for 30 days.
    • Pay only for what you use.