FlexSharing Pricing

Free Plan

  Flexsharing customer will receive the following services absolutely for free. There's no expiring trial. Credit card is not required.

  • Users
    • 1 Primary User(Standard User)
    • 1 Standard User
    • 1 Sharing User
  • File Share
    • Maximum Storage: 50 MB
    • Maximum File Size: 10 MB
    • Maximum Fodlers and Files: Unlimited
  • Screen Share
    • Maximum Presenter: 1(Primary User)
    • Maximum published Screen shares: 10 times/month
  • System Customization(Company Name, logo, etc): Free

Pay as You Go

You will pay what you use. You can create as many accounts as you want, but only pay for the active accounts. Your account activities will be shown on the dashboard.
Your usage is calculated each month and automatically applied to your bill. Your monthly storage is calculated based on your maximum storage in that month.
At the end of the monthly billing period, the system will send you a monthly e-invoice via PayPal. No credit card is required.

- Currency: Canadian Dollar

  • Users
    • Monthly Active Standard Users: $6.98 per user
    • Monthly Active Sharing Users: $2.98 per user
  • File Share
    • Maximum Storage: Unlimited
    • Maximum File Size: 10 GB
    • Maximum Folder Size of Add-to-Archive: 10 GB
    • Free 1 GB storage
    • Additional Monthly Storage Cost: 0.05 Cent per MB ($0.512 per GB)
  • Screen Share
    • Monthly Active Presenters: Unlimited for Standard Users only
    • Maximum Screen Viewers: Unlimited
  • System Customization(Company Name, logo, etc): Free


When the monthly active users in your group or organization reached a sufficient number, you will automatically receive discounts on your usage fees.

  • 10-49 users: 5% off
  • 50-99 users: 10% off
  • 100-249 Users: 15% off
  • 250 and 499 Users: 20% off
  • 500 and more: 25% off

Non-Profit Organizations

If you are a non-profit organization and have proof of your non-profit status, you will receive 25% off discount based on your usage no matter how many the monthly active users are.
After creating your account, you need to email us the proof of your non-profit status. After we receive and approve your not-for-profit documentation, we will update your account billing record to apply the 25% off discount. If you have any questions, please contact us.